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The Benefits of Consecutive Childcare Days

June 12, 2024


There's a broad consensus among early learning experts that children flourish when they attend high-quality early learning for at least two or more days a week.

However, many families might not realise the incredible benefits that come from enrolling their children for consecutive days.

Consecutive days deliver positive outcomes

At Gowrie NSW, we’ve seen firsthand the positive outcomes that consecutive days can bring. Michelle Richardson, Executive Director of Pedagogy and Practice, explains that attending multiple days in a row offers a wide range of benefits for children.

“For children to settle , they need familiarity. Attending on consecutive days is a good strategy, especially for those who may struggle with separating from their parents,” Michelle says.

“This schedule also allows them to form deeper bonds and friendships with a consistent group of peers.”

Michelle emphasises that consecutive days help create an environment where children can truly thrive.

“We know that young children thrive on having consistency and predictability in their routines,” she says. “It helps them know what to expect and anticipate what’s going to happen each day. It also allows them to build on their play ideas from the previous day with their friends and educators, leading to deeper learning.”


10 Benefits to Consecutive Patterns of Attendance at Gowrie NSW

    1. Stronger Relationships: Consistent attendance helps children form deep bonds with peers and educators, fostering a climate of trust and security. 
    2. Enhanced Learning: Consecutive days promote continuity in learning, allowing children to build on their skills and knowledge more effectively. Consecutive days allows children to collaborate on joint projects, scaffold learning over and over.
    3. Stability and Routine: Regular attendance establishes a stable routine, which is crucial for young children's development and sense of security. Consecutive days promotes constancy and predictability and helps foster a climate of reciprocal trust.
    4. Improved Social Skills: Being in a familiar social setting regularly helps children develop and refine their social interactions and cooperation skills.
    5. Emotional Well-being: The recognition of familiar faces and consistent interactions enhance children's emotional stability and well-being.
    6. Community Belonging: Children and families feel a stronger sense of belonging to the centre community, fostering a supportive environment.
    7. Confident Exploration: With a secure base, children are more confident to explore, play, and learn, boosting their independence and curiosity.
    8. Friendship Consolidation: Consecutive days provide the opportunity to consolidate friendships, leading to lasting and meaningful connections.
    9. Parental Peace of Mind: Knowing that their child is in a consistent and nurturing environment provides parents with peace of mind and reassurance.
    10. Holistic Development: Regular attendance supports all aspects of a child's development – cognitive, social, emotional, and physical – in a well-rounded manner.


At Gowrie NSW, we understand that it’s not just the children who benefit; parents also find the continuity and routine of consecutive days helpful in their busy lives.

“Feedback from parents indicates that they find the transition into early education and care less overwhelming when their children attend two or more consecutive days,” Michelle notes. “Parents have shared that their children settle more easily when they attend consecutively because they know what to expect and don’t have to keep relearning to settle in.”

Additionally, anchoring those consecutive days to a weekend, such as attending on a Monday or Friday, can provide even greater routine and consistency, reducing anxiety and behavioural issues that might arise from mid-week attendance.

Ultimately, it’s about laying a solid foundation for success in learning and later life. All children benefit from high-quality early learning, and this can be further enhanced by attending consistently for two or more days in a row.


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