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Gowrie Australia Reflections Magazine

Gowrie Australia Reflections Magazine

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Gowrie Australia 'Reflections Magazine' is a monthly digital publication of the latest pedagogical research in Early Education and Care. Please download and enjoy the latest issue.

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Reflections Issue 2 2020

Previous Issues:

Issue 1 2020

Featured article: "Addressing the impacts of bushfires on Australian Children" (Sourced by Louise Jackson (Gowrie Queensland CEO) and Michelle Richardson (Executive Director Pedagogy at Gowrie New South Wales)

Issue 6 2019

Featured article: "ONE UP, TWO DOWN - HOW WE STAY CONNECTED WITH CHILDREN" by Sylvia Gray, Team Leader Infant-Toddler room and Lynne Rutherford, Deputy CEO, Gowrie SA

Issue 5 2019


Issue 4 2019


Issue 3 2019

Featured article: "EMPATHIC EDUCATORS AND OUTSIDE SCHOOL HOURS CARE" by Brooke Harriss, Outside School Hours Care Manager, Lady Gowrie Tasmania

Issue 2 2019

Featured article: "LANGUAGE IS POWERFUL – A REFLECTION ON LABELLING" by Natalie Gentle, Inclusion Agency Team Leader, BECE; Lynne Rutherford, Acting CEO, Gowrie SA, M.ED; and Kerra-Lee Shearer, Inclusion Agency Inclusion Professional – Behaviour Specialist, B.Psy.

Issue 1 2019

Featured article: “Engaging in Professional Learning: Relationships, Connections and Practice” by Emma Hughes and Kellie New, Inclusion Professionals with Lady Gowrie Tasmania, Inclusion Agency.

Issue 12 2018

Featured Article: "Put your hand up - From conversation to connection: A reflection on breaking down barriers and enriching our programs." Michelle Hamilton, Indigenous Education Consultant, Gowrie NSW

Issue 11 2018

Featured Article: "Get all Cosy" : Children's perspectives on relaxation in Early Childhood Education and Care" by Emma Cooke, Dr. Sandy Houen, Dr. Sally Staton, Prof. Karen Thorpe and the Choosing Rest Research Team.

Issue 10 2018

Featured Article: "Physical health and wellbeing: Innovative approaches in an inner-city community" by Dr Megan Gibson, Faculty of Education, QUT, Associate Gowrie Training & Consultancy, Lady Gowrie Tasmania; Trevor Brown, Kerrie Hansen & Scott Gibson, Gowrie Training & Consultancy; Prof Andrew Hills, University of Tasmania

Issue 9 2018

Featured Article: "How does your garden grow?" by Amy Diesel

Issue 8 2018

Featured Article: "The Essential Ingredient of Leadership - Mentoring and Coaching" by Jodie Hayes, Centre Manager, Action Education and Care Service, Lady Gowrie Tasmania

Issue 7 2018

Featured Article: "Information Literacy: What is it and what pedagogies support information literacy in Early Childhood?" by Amanda McFadden, Joanne Lunn, Maryanne Theobald, Kathleen Smeaton, Kerry Boland,
Marilyn Way

Issue 6 2018

Featured Article "Capturing the Story - An exploration of respectful documentation" by Jessica Horne-Kennedy.

Issue 5 2018

Featured Article "Bringing Leadership into Focus: Looking through multiple lenses" by The Early Childhood Education and Care Team, Lady Gowrie (QLD)

Issue 4 2018

Featured Article "Invisible Transition: A Birth to Three-Year-Old Perspective" by Anna Russell, Rebecca Sabo and Nicole Pillsworth, Gowrie Victoria

Issue 3 2018

Featured Article "Cultural Respect and Safety Training: Gowrie SA" by Sharon Gollan and Kathleen Stacey, Cultural Respect Training Consultants, beyond... Lynne Rutherford and Lyndsay Healy, Program Leaders, Gowrie SA

Issue 2 2018

Featured Article "Are you ready for the new child care package?" by Kerrie Westcott PSM, Brach Manager, Early Childhood and Child Care, Australian Government Department of Education and Training

Issue 1 2018

Featured Article "Supporting children to physically flourish through action research" by Trevor Brown Innovation and Growth Manager, Gowrie Training and Consultancy, Lady Gowrie Tasmania

Issue 12 2017

Featured Article "Connections to culture in early childhood education: The Power of Story and Embodying Reconciliation" by Maria Anderson - Tanner, Inclusion Professional (Port Augusta), Gowrie SA

Issue 10 2017

Features Article "Unleashing what you know to make the world a safer place for children" by Professor Kerryann Walsh, Queensland University of Technology

Issue 9 2017

Featured Article “Strengthening Families Involvement – Children’s Learning and Development” by Kathy Cripps, General Manager Children’s Programs and Tennille Michlik, Project Officer at Lady Gowrie Tasmania.

Issue 8 2017

Featured Article: "Building collaborative partnerships to support children's success: A case study of how an early childhood team and primary school staff collaborate around transition to school" by Amy prisco, Broadmeadows Valley Primary School, Kaye Fletcher, ACEP.

Issue 7 2017 

Featured Article: "Grow your service by growing your leadership" by Kaye Colmer Gowrie SA.

Issue 6 2017 

Featured Article: “Young Children and Metacognition: Thinking About (and Talking About) Thinking” by Desley Jones, Director of Ballymore Community Kindy, Brisbane.

Issue 5 2017

Featured Article: “Enhancing Relationships Through Gratitude in the Early Childhood Context” by Dr Kerry Howells, Senior Lecturer, Curriculum and Pedagogy at UTAS.

Issue 4 2017

Featured Article: “Children’s Right To Be Included” by Natalie Gentle, Team Leader Inclusion Program, on behalf of the Inclusion Agency at Gowrie South Australia.

Issue 3 2017

Featured Article: “Creating a Sense of Emotional Security Through Scripts and Stillness” by Rosemary Mensforth, Team Leader, Mallee Integrated Infant Toddler room, Gowrie South Australia.

Issue 2 2017

Featured Article: “Messy, Mobile Making: Considering Creative Technology for Early Learners” by Cathy Hunt, Educational Consultant, Presenter, Author and Visual Arts Teacher.

Issue 5 2016

Featured Article: “Messy, Mobile Making: Considering Creative Technology for Early Learners” by Cathy Hunt, Educational Consultant, Presenter, Author and Visual Arts Teacher.
Issue 4 2016 Featured article: “Learning Environments: A Sensory Landscape” by Sabina Klepp, Gowrie Victoria
Issue 3 2016 Featured article: “Community Connections: Sharing Social Responsibility” by Kristin Falzon, Gowrie Victoria
Issue 2 2016 Featured article: “Play Based Learning: Where do Educators fit?” by Hannah Barber, Gowrie Victoria
Issue 1 2016 Featured article: “Ongoing Professional Learning – An Essential Ingredient!” by Ros Cornish, CEO Lady Gowrie Tasmania



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