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Gowrie NSW Early Learning Centres


Gowrie NSW Early Learning Centres
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Early Learning Centres at Gowrie NSW

Gowrie NSW Early Learning Centres provide quality, not-for-profit early education and care and are located inside the grounds of TAFE NSW. We cater for children 4 months to 6 years during TAFE NSW term times. We believe that every child brings with them unique strengths, capabilities, culture, interests, knowledge, ideas and experiences... 

....and that every day is filled with possibility and chances for discovery.

We provide a safe, nurturing and educational environment for children to develop their abilities and potential. We are respectful of the uniqueness of each family’s cultural background and ensure families feel welcome to leave their children with confidence while they attend English classes.

Who do we provide care for?

Our Early Learning Centres provide education and care to young children whose parents are enrolled in, and attending AMEP Classes on TAFE campuses, supporting families transition into life in Australia.  

Our dedicated and passionate educators implement a high-quality educational experience in a nurturing, stimulating, and supportive environment. Educators in our early learning centres specialise in working with families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. 

We are committed to excellence and strive to make a lasting impact on children’s lives. 

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"Fortunate to be part of such a great community. The outstanding learning environments along with the incredible educational team allow children to explore, develop and grow."

Mario E

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Our Early Learning Centres

At Armidale ELC we offer spacious indoor and outdoor learning environments that are welcoming and engaging. Our outdoor area is surrounded by beautiful large trees with a variety of natural resources including balancing logs, mud kitchen, sandpit and water play areas that allow children's imaginations to flourish. We go on regular excursions through the TAFE campus, exploring large open spaces and collecting natural resources along the way.  

We are proud of our diverse cultures in our service. We work collaboratively with our families to incorporate these into our daily practice. This allows our children to explore various perspectives and opportunities in a safe and enriching space. 

TAFE MSW Armidale 256 Beardy St A Block AG 31 &AG 32 Armidale
Barry St, Armidale, New South Wales 2350, Australia

Our preschool children go on daily adventures around the TAFE grounds, exploring the outdoor environment, marvelling at nature while we collect stones, sticks and gumnuts and looking at all the pretty flowers and plants.  

Our Nursery and Preschool groups go on weekly trips to the TAFE library for story time with the librarian and to borrow books to share during our group times. 

Our qualified educators speak a variety of languages other than English, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Vietnamese which helps support children and families to feel comfortable and supported in a new learning environment. 


TAFE NSW Baulkham Hills, 146 Old Northern Road, Baulkham Hills, New South Wales 2153, Australia

Some of our Educators have worked in children’s services for 15 +years and share their knowledge and understanding of children’s development with you. We cater to the individual child's needs, interests, and abilities in our age-appropriate play spaces indoor and outdoor with both natural and purpose-built materials from sandpits to bush tucker gardens.  We are lucky to have 3 divided rooms 0-2 years, 2-3years and 3-5years to allow children to explore, investigate and problem solve freely and safely with peers.

Our primary focus is building strong, secure, and trusting relationships that will enable children to feel a sense of belonging and establishing friendship and engage in positive interactions.   

Tafe NSW Blacktown, Jane St, Block G Blacktown

Our preschool children are encouraged to discover the world around them through curiosity and independence within the indoor spaces designed to facilitate self-led exploration.  

Our toddler curriculum is all about building quality connections through wonder and building strong attachments with both the children and families.  

Our educators believe all children have an equal right to an equitable learning environment and we support this by acknowledging the families cultures and ways of learning. 

Our intimate outdoor space provides intentional chances to investigate, gather, collect and inquire and our children are always excited to observe the wildlife around us such as the nest of baby crows that have been named ‘rainbow’ and ‘black crow’. 

Granville ELC is proud to share that our team thrives from a diverse background, and we believe our children learn best when they are exposed to a variety of different ideas and perspectives. Our diverse theme allows children to explore and learn from one another in a safe and nurturing environment.

We offer Indoor and outdoor play to be always available & accessible for children throughout the day. We believe this best supports their learning and development as it gives children the confidence to explore and learn in a safe, secure yet challenging environment. We organize excursions to take the children to explore our tafe premises. The children enjoy using this time to collect natural resources from the outdoor area & garden to play and create in meaningful experiences for our learning program.


 TAFE NSW, 136 William Street, Granville, New South Wales 2142, Australia

Our Lidcombe ELC is proud to offer spacious and vibrant indoor and outdoor environments, features quality equipment and resources. 

In addition to our outdoor environment, our children often visit the TAFE’s open grounds and the library within the campus as mini excursions. We use these opportunities to explore the TAFE premises, connect with the community, engage the children in various physical & literature activities and create meaningful experiences for our program. 



TAFE NSW Lidcombe, 73 East Street, Building B, Level 1

Hornsby ELC offers a spacious yet quaint area for our children and families.  

Located in a lovely house, children from 0-5 years have a safe and welcoming space as they explore throughout the day. 


Our qualified educators prepare experiences for children that are based on their interests and shared knowledge. 

Open- ended experiences such as paintings, making collages, play dough, and so much more are readily made available to ensure that children are supported in their learning. 

We also aim to provide experiences that help develop children’s gross motor skills as we set up challenging yet attainable areas during outdoor play. With the beautiful trees around our area, children may even get lucky in identifying various backyard birds that are native in our area. 
Having a team that is culturally diverse, we use this strength of ours most especially in the nature of our setting to ensure families and children that they are listened to, understood, and are willing to be helped by our team.

TAFE NSW Hornsby - Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP), Building C, Ground Floor, Room C.G.09, 205 Peats Ferry Road, Hornsby, New South Wales 2077, Australia 

We offer a warm, welcoming, and creative learning environment for children and families.  

Our spacious indoor area is separated into a nursery, toddler and preschool room. Each environment has their own routine and programmes based on the children’s interests. We have a cosy outdoor area where children can develop their gross motor skills and enjoy playing in the sandpit.  


TAFE NSW Meadowbank - Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP), Building H, Level 2, See Street, Meadowbank, New South Wales 2114, Australia

Our spacious outdoor environment features herb gardens, natural play equipment, sandpit, mud kitchen and more. Your child will engage in a variety of experiences to promote a sense of wonder and investigation. We explore the beautiful grounds of Padstow Tafe which includes large natural environments, a library and an aviation viewing area with aeroplanes and helicopters.  


TAFE NSW Padstow , Building H, 16, Raine Road, Sydney, New South Wales 2211, Australia


Our dedicated and passionate educators implement a high-quality educational experience in a nurturing, stimulating and supportive environment. Our weekly visits to the Tafe library support’s children’s connection to our Tafe community, furthers their understanding of road safety and provides opportunities to develop their reading skills. Our program offers a rich Indigenous perspective, our team viewing this as a shared learning experience with the children and families to enrich our lives and deepen our understandings of First Nations Peoples. 

We value the learning which comes from connecting with country and the natural environment and have collaborated with the children in building a native bush garden. Our team has sourced native bush plants from an Indigenously owned and operated nursery and was supported by our local Bunnings store with a worm garden/compost, seeds, and planter boxes to continue to develop our space. Our spacious outdoor area also features a sandpit, climbing structures, water play, and more. 

Having opportunities to engage in experiences such as these, promotes your child’s sense of wonder and investigation and supports their overall wellbeing. 

Our Centre educators hold a shared vision and are committed to excellence and strive to make a lasting impact on children’s lives. 


TAFE NSW St. George - Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP), Building D, Ground Floor, Room D.G.61, Cnr President Avenue & Princes Highway, Kogarah, New South Wales 2217, Australia

In a standalone building on the St Leonards TAFE campus, our ELC compromises of two outdoor spaces, where children have the opportunity to explore their gross motor skills, investigate in the garden and discover the learning opportunities held in the sandpit. Our open indoor spaces boast two large barn style doors and dedicated spaces for meals, rest and learning opportunities.  


TAFE NSW - St. Leonards, 213 Pacific Highway, Sydney, New South Wales 2065, Australia

An intimate setting in the heart of the city, our indoor learning environments are welcoming and vibrant with open spaces and equipped with resources to support each childs learning journey. The space reflects the lives and identities of children and families at Ultimo ELC. We celebrate cultural diversity and inclusion through our educational programs, learning environments and embed this within our practice. 

We encourage families to visit the centre to share their culture.  

In addition to our outdoor environment, the children visit the gardens on the TAFE grounds as an opportunity to explore our surrounding environments and connect to community. 

Library program-Children often visit TAFE Library and attend the special library events. This helps us to connect to with other TAFE community. 

Here at Gowrie ELC Wagga Wagga we provide a warm inviting homely environment. 

We have a beautiful shaded sandpit outdoor space surrounded by garden that the children love to play and explore. 

We have dedicated educators from different cultures that make the children feel safe supported and included every day. 

We offer an art room that the children can freely use any time of the day providing cutting and pasting , collage, painting and drawing. 

Wagga Wagga College Of Tafe,Macleay Street, Turvey Park, Block M

Macleay St, Turvey Park, New South Wales 2650, Australia


With three separate rooms across our service, children have the opportunity to access resources that are developmentally appropriate and engaging, supporting their individual learning journey. Our team of educators collaborating with the children, families, and the community. We celebrate diversity and value inclusive practice, working with families to create a familiar, safe, and welcoming environment for children and families. 

Our indoor and outdoor play spaces are always available for the children, with experienced educators setting up meaningful experiences based on children’s needs and interests in all age group. We explore within TAFE campus to embrace the natural surround us. We also work with the librarian in organizing events and experiences for children in our service. 

TAFE NSW, The Horsley Drive, Building Y Wetherill Park, New South Wales 2164, Australia
The Horsley Dr, Wetherill Park, New South Wales 2164, Australia

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The team led by Cindy is so so caring and up to date. She always asks about help if we need and also give best suggestion for my child as well. The Padstow ELC is really neat and well maintained. Also, the teachers are really sweet and they never force any child to do something.
Xu Padstow ELC

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