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Gowrie NSW
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      Quality Before and After School Care

      Our programs are staffed by dedicated, qualified educators who encourage, guide and nurture the developing school age child into flourishing learners and contributors.

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      For Families
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      Bathurst West OSHC & Vacation Care@2x

      Bathurst West OSHC

      Bathurst West Public School Suttor St, Bathurst NSW 2795


      NSW Camden Haven OSHC and Vacation Care@2x

      Camden Haven OSHC

      St Joseph's Primary School 421 Ocean Drive, Laurieton 2443



      Drummoyne and St Marks OSHC

      Drummoyne Public School and St Mark's School, Rawson Avenue, Drummoyne NSW 2047


      Gowrie NSW Erskineville OSHC

      Drummoyne Public School and St Mark's School, Rawson Avenue, Drummoyne NSW 2047


      Gowrie NSW Kelso OSHC

      Kelso Public School 19 Gilmour St, Kelso NSW 2795



      Gowrie NSW Gladesville OSHC

      Our Lady Queen of Peace School Cnr Westminster & Oxford St, Gladesville NSW 2111


      Gowrie NSW Kinross Woloroi

      Kinross Wolaroi School, 59-67 Bathurst Rd, Orange NSW 2800

      Ryde OSHC & Vacation Care@2x

      Gowrie NSW Orange East OSHC

      Orange East Public School | 45 Spring Street Orange NSW 2800

      Bathurst West OSHC & Vacation Care@2x

      Gowrie NSW Ryde OSHC

      St Charles Catholic Primary School 582 Victoria Road Ryde NSW 2112

      What is Before and After School Care?

      Or....as we like to call it, Outside of Hours School Care

      It's hard when the school day is 9 - 3 and you work  9 - 5 (or  8 - 6) We get it. You need more time outside of normal school hours. Our before and after school care offers convenient programs that are fun, safe and rewarding for your child.


      At Gowrie NSW, your child will enjoy access to creative and recreational activities, catered to their unique needs, interests, personalities and abilities.

      How does Before and After School Care benefit your child?

      Our program is built on positive interactions, enriching experiences, within a safe and happy environment.  Your child(ren) will build confidence, and make friends outside the classroom. We will provide a range of experiences that are enjoyable and rewarding, as well as provide the opportunity to complete homework freeing up your family time in the evening.


      We work hard to build relationships where trust and mutual understanding can develop between the home, the centre and the school. These relationships seek to be secure, respectful and reciprocal.
      We greet and treat every child and carer with warmth and respect.


      We build responsive, positive and harmonious working relationships. We create a stimulating, warm, secure and organised environment.


      Children are empowered to actively construct their own understandings and contribute to others’ learning. They recognise their agency, capacity to initiate and lead learning, and their rights to participate in decisions that affect them, including their learning. Leisure time experiences constructed by children and supported by informed educators promote children’s dynamic, complex and holistic learning.


      Children’s happiness, optimism and sense of fun are dispositions that are significant to their emotional wellbeing and resilience. In school-age care settings such as ours, children’s sense of responsibility for their learning is co-determined and skills and attitudes towards life-long learning are consolidated and role modelled.