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NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency

Gowrie NSW Inclusion


NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency

Gowrie NSW, KU Children’s Services and Include Me are proud to deliver the NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency as part of the new Inclusion Support Program.

The program aims to build the capacity and capability of educators to address participation barriers for all children through implementing quality inclusive practices.

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Inclusion Agency supports include;
  • Onsite visits to observe and discuss service strengths, challenges and barriers to inclusion
  • Supporting educators to analyse policies, programs and practices and to reflect on changes that can be made to support inclusion
  • Providing practical advice, strategies and possible solutions to inclusion barriers
  • Facilitating the development of the services Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP) that identify strategies for change and growth
  • Support for educators to learn about inclusion, access ISP supports and support diversity

NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Inclusion Hub

Michelle Hamilton@2xThe Aboriginal and Torres Strait Inclusion Hub is managed by Wiradjuri woman and qualified early childhood educator Michelle Hamilton. Michelle's role is to directly mentor, support and guide all NSW/ACT Inclusion professionals as they support you as educators to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures into your program.

This hub is designed to help enhance understanding of Aboriginal history, culturally inclusive practices and provide access to a range of valuable resources to support inclusive practice.


Strategic Inclusion Plans

A Strategic Inclusion Plan recognises the current inclusive capacity of a service, and outlines the strategies and actions educators will implement to increase their capacity to include all children.

To access inclusion support, educators with the assistance of an Inclusion Professional must be committed to developing and implementing a Strategic Inclusion Plan. 

Learn more about Strategic Inclusion Plans here


Specialist Equipment Library

The NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency also includes the Specialist Equipment Library

Specialist equipment is available for early childhood and child care services to support the inclusion of children who would otherwise be unable to participate in programmes.

The Specialist Equipment Library (SEL) provides resources to eligible early childhood and child care services (ECCC) services to improve their capacity and capability to provide quality inclusive practices, and address participation barriers so children with additional needs can be included alongside their typically developing peers.


Types of Equipment

Equipment available from the Specialist Equipment Library may include (but is not limited to):

  • Portable ramps to create access to the environment
  • Standing frames and full support swings to allow a child with high physical needs to participate in the daily programme and activities
  • Hoists, slings, harnesses, change tables, toilet seats or steps, potty chairs, mobile stools and seating or posture aids for educators to assist them to lift and transfer children safely when carrying out basic care functions
  • Specialised inclusion toys such as switch toys
  • Specialise furniture such as chairs, tables and desks
  • Communication cards or charts, and Auslan dictionaries to enable the child and educators to communicate effectively.

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Contact the NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency here, or feel free to contact your Inclusion Professional directly.

The Inclusion Support Program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment