COVID Information for Families

COVID Information for Families

    Covid Measures

    The health and safety of all children, educators, staff and families continues to remain the highest priority  for Gowrie NSW.

    Enrolling your child at an Early Education Centre or an OSHC Program can be an exciting milestone. However, we also appreciate you may have some questions about how we are keeping children safe in the rapidly changing Covid 19 environment.


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    At Gowrie NSW we have taken a number of preventative measures to help reduce transmission of Covid 19

    • Masks will be worn in line with government recommendations
    • Covid Marshalling at pick up and drop off or outdoor pick up and drop off to avoid congestion indoors. ​
    • Educators and staff keep physically distant where possible ​
    • Maintaining enhanced cleaning of high touch surfaces ​
    • Educators wash hands regularly and when needed. Children are also encouraged to do so often​
    • Increased use of outdoor settings wherever possible. Increase the natural ventilation on indoor spaces​
    • Educators are working within small groups, primary educator groups or cohorts to minimise transmission​
    • Educators, staff and children who are unwell, stay home​
    • Educators, staff and contractors are vaccinated ​
    • Gowrie NSW is now utilising Rapid Antigen Tests to test staff and educators regularly


    Families of children deemed “at risk” are contacted immediately and encouraged to test and isolate until a negative result. ​

    Gowrie NSW works closely with the Department of Education and NSW Health Resources ​

    Families are kept informed when there is a positive case and any information or recommendations are communicated. ​


    What if someone in my household tests positive to Covid 19?

    Children and staff who live with someone who has COVID-19 are household contacts and must follow the self isolation guidelines. They must take a rapid antigen test as soon as possible and self-isolate for 7 days from the last time they were in contact with the COVID positive person


    What happens with my fees, if we are impacted by Covid 19?

    Gowrie NSW is committed to supporting families through the COVID environment where the Childcare Subsidy rules permit. Where families are impacted by COVID 19, Gowrie NSW will waive the gap fees for families when:

    1. The a child is unable to attend because either they or a member of the immediate household has tested positive to COVID-19 and they must isolate (evidence must be supplied or this)
    2. The service or room is closed due to COVID-19 under the written advice of state authorities;
    3. The child is under 2 years and identified as requiring a PCR and must isolate until they receive their PCR results.


    Gowrie NSW will waive fees for up to 5 days per isolation instance should families meet the criteria above.

    The conditions of the gap fee waivers are subject to change as per the directives of the Childcare Subsidy rules.


    Where do I go for more information on rapid antigen testing?

    The getting tested for COVID-19 factsheet has more information on testing.


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