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Literacy and Numeracy in
Early Learning

Literacy and Numeracy in Early Learning

Literacy and Numeracy in Early Learning - Start Strong Initiative

At the heart of the Start Strong Initiative lies the unwavering commitment to foster literacy and numeracy skills in early learning. We believe that every child deserves a strong foundation that will empower them to excel academically and throughout their lives.

Literacy in Early Learning

By reading, talking, and singing with your child, you support their learning, imagination, focus, and social skills. It also helps them understand emotions and different cultures. Reading together promotes bonding and strengthens your relationship. Start reading to your baby as part of your daily routine, regardless of the language you speak. Telling stories and singing songs are great for early literacy skills. Making books a part of your routine and visiting the library can make a huge difference in your child's development.


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Literacy in Early Learning

Numeracy in Early Learning

Children and adults rely on numeracy and mathematical skills to navigate their everyday lives. From solving problems like determining the time it takes to walk to school, to analyzing information such as calculating the number of wins needed to reach the top of a competition, these skills are essential. Understanding patterns, like predicting the number of the next house on a street, and making choices, such as selecting the best value bike, all require a solid foundation in numeracy.


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