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Gowrie NSW Erskineville OSHC joins the Children’s Week celebrations

October 24, 2016


As adults it is our responsibility to assist children to access and understand information provided through the media, says Gayle Dodd, Coordinator at Gowrie NSW Erskineville OSHC.

“Educators and families play an important part in guiding children to develop their skills in evaluation and decision-making when looking at the world of media and technology,” said Ms Dodd.

In celebrating the theme of Children’s Week, Ms Dodd said both children and adults have an important role to play in ensuring media consumption is helpful and not harmful.

“Mass media provides children with opportunities to be provoked, challenged, entertained and helps them to connect with the wider community and can support their self-identity.

“Information can shape a child’s perspective and inform their critical thinking skills, therefore discussions with both children and families are crucial in providing the tools to support children,” Ms Dodd said.

Article 17 is saying that children have a right to information provided through all media including books, newspapers, television, radio, movies and the internet.

To explain this to children, Ms Dodd arranged a variety of activities. ‘Power of the picture’ allows children to view a variety of images, that are topical at the moment, and then encourages them to express their views on that image, determine the messages and analyse the content.

The children at Gowrie NSW Erskineville OSHC also engaged in larger format reflections, whereby they write/draw their reflections on Article 17 on a big piece of paper which is displayed in the foyer to prompt further conversations between children, families and educators.

Children have also been encouraged to partake in the activity ‘What’s important to you’ where they draw what they believe should be represented in the media.

“The ability to filter and regulate undesirable content empowers children to be strong, autonomous individuals who have the confidence to choose what information, issues and content is relevant and appropriate to them,” Ms Dodd said.

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