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Gowrie NSW Consultancy Services

October 11, 2016


Today education and care professionals are taking greater steps to deliver quality childcare to our young children. Identifying the right improvement strategies is now the great challenge for many educators and organisations.

We at Gowrie NSW understand the complexities in the early and middle education and care sector and navigating a landscape of continual change and legislative requirements. As a result, our expert Consultancy Service has been set up to provide support to growing organisations.

Our consultants have the skills and credentials to guide and develop educators and organisations to help them reach their true potential. They have many years of experience in the education and care field, have strong pedagogical backgrounds, are committed to the education and care of young children and bring with them a broad range of skills, knowledge and expertise.

Gowrie NSW consultants take a unique approach with each client. Our consultants are enthusiastic advocates for early and middle childhood education and aim to inspire educators to be the best they can be and to provide and deliver the best up to date information.

Whether you are a new or experienced provider, our consultants can help you to establish a new program or centre, review and improve quality systems and coach for improvement.

Gowrie NSW has an established background in providing considered community-focused programs and providing consultative support in:
• assisting architects in centre design underpinned by theory and research
• support and advice to service providers on business planning and needs analysis
• providing coaching, mentoring and individualised professional development for teachers and educators.

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