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Targeted consultancy on leadership ticks all the boxes

June 27, 2016


Good leadership is critical to the success of education in early learning settings, says Stella Timpano, senior consultant at Gowrie NSW.

“Research on leadership in the context of early learning shows that effective and skilled leaders create an opportunity for successful and optimal learning,” Stella says.

Early childcare centres require an Educational Leader and Nominated Supervisor to help drive and support effective leadership in early childhood education and care.

“These roles are extremely vital as we understand that motivated and skilled leaders within childhood settings are able to influence better outcomes for the children they care for and also significantly impact on the work of the entire team,” Stella explains.

Given how critical great leadership is within the early learning space, Coolamon Cottage Child Care Centre in Blacktown, Mount Druitt Hospital Childcare Centre and Westmeadow Child Care Centre contacted Gowrie NSW consultancy services to work with the Nominated Supervisors and Educational Leaders from their centres, to provide professional leadership skills that could help them become more confident within their roles.

“Leadership is really important – I approached Stella as I wanted a better understanding on the role of Educational Leader and to be give the tools and skills on how to be an effective leader to other educators within the early learning centre,” Manager of Coolamon Cottage Child Carer Centre, Melissa Potoi, said.

Part of Stella’s consultancy sessions involved the transferring of new knowledge to participants on the subjects of Educational Leadership and Nominated Supervisor roles; providing resources to the team; and opportunity for open discussion where participants were given the chance to ask Stella questions.

“To me it is important to empower people and give them new skills that will enable them to lead a team and to feel content and competent in their role,” Stella said, bringing her many years of personal experience and expertise to the sessions.

As a result of the consultancy, Melissa said all participants have indeed become more confident in their abilities to lead. “I’ve also been able to transfer my knowledge and confidence that I acquired through the consultancy session to mentor and lead others in my team,” she said.

Melissa said the success of the sessions also came down to the fact that she found Stella to be very knowledgeable and empowering.

“I found Stella very relatable – she bought with her a lot of practical and related experience that I was able to relate to as a professional,” she said, adding “She made us all feel completely comfortable in being able to openly communicate any challenges and issues we were experiencing.”

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