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Accomplished speakers to address challenging topics at Gowrie NSW childhood conference

June 22, 2020


The full program for the Gowrie NSW conference Down the Rabbit Hole: A festival of bold childhood ideas. has been announced.

The conference will require leaders to take a leap of faith as they listen to speakers who will challenge them and their thinking on childhood.

Jane Caro will be asking “What’s the fuss about?’  as she discusses modern day parenting and how feminism, medical advances, too much information and the 24 hour news cycle have taken most of the fun out of parenting - particularly mothering.

Dr Alasdair Foster will argue that modern education shapes children to become adults in a looking glass world in which they consume other people’s ideas rather than working together to find the best outcomes for their community.

Proud Darumbal and South Sea Islander woman, Fiona Bobongie will be asking if we’re ready for the ‘black baby boom?’

And Dr Elizabeth Riley will be challenging attendees to consider how is gender perceived and why does it make such a difference when a child identifies as transgender?

The speakers will challenge leaders in education to broaden their perspective on gender, culture, inclusion and identity.

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