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We aim to be leaders in everything we do

June 24, 2015


In each Centre, philosophy guides decision making and articulates the ‘why’ in our practice. Our Centre Directors are leaders and coaches of their teams who attend professional development focused on leadership skill development. We take time to consider our practices and think critically about alternative perspectives.


Gowrie staff are active contributors to Reflections magazine and other publications, In 2015 Gowrie NSW started Infant and Toddler network groups in Newcastle and Inner Sydney. Gowrie also partnered with UTS and Macquarie University to run NSW’s first infant and Toddler conference.

We work with others to explore and research contemporary and innovative approaches to early childhood practice and children’s learning and development. We draw on the expertise of consultants in their field to stretch our beliefs on thinking and practice.

We partner with universities to present conferences and provide a considered approach to the professional development calendar based on the needs of the early childhood sector and emerging trends and interests.

Our educators and teachers are encouraged to write articles on their experiences and reflections for publication and to share their knowledge through workshops presentations and information sessions.

We ensure we provide the tools and resources to allow our managers, supervisors, and staff to be leaders

We have a strong commitment to helping children learn about their environment and sustainability, and our educators maintain an awareness of current environmental issues. Our philosophy highlights the importance of treating our environment with respect.

Our professional learning programs are innovative and leading the sector. In 2015 we staged the first ever professional learning course for cooks in childcare centres.

Our coordinator of IPSU developed a course Including & Valuing Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander perspectives professional learning workshop. The workshop provided community connections, a broader understanding of Aboriginal culture and perspectives across the NQF and strategies for better engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities within programs

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