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Sustainability, Humans and Nature at Erskineville Early Education and Care

August 7, 2023


The Yarra Yarra children, aged 3-5 at our Erskineville Early Education and Care Centre have been exploring sustainability and the interconnectedness between humans and nature. As part of their exploration into the wonders of the natural world, they have recently delved into the world of trees, culminating in a captivating art exhibit that is now on display in the centre.


Sparking creativity and a sense of wonder 

Over the past weeks, the children from Yarra Yarra have been immersed in various activities centred around trees, which have not only sparked their creativity but also instilled a profound sense of wonder for the environment that surrounds them.  

In their quest to better understand the importance of trees and their significance to the Earth, we encouraged our young learners to use their imaginations and inquisitive minds. They  Yarra Yarra children engaged in storytelling sessions, where they shared their ideas of what their ideal trees would look like and the type of trees they would love to see flourish in the local community. 

Listen to the voices of nature 

Anna, a teacher said proudly  "Yarra Yarra children have been singing the Trees Grow song during circle-time activities and throughout the day. They participate actively in discussions around caring for and respecting our environment, listening intently to the voices of nature, including those of the trees that grace our garden and community, as well as other living things." MicrosoftTeams-image (2)

Part of their daily routine 

The children's interactions with the trees have become a daily affair, where they joyfully explore and discover curious living things among the branches and foliage. Trees have become a vital component of the children's play, helping them establish a sense of place within the natural world. This connection with trees not only fosters a love for nature but also cultivates a deeper understanding of the role trees play in the ecosystem. Taking their imaginative musings outdoors to the garden, the children observed the trees that stood tall and proud, providing shade, shelter, and a home for various living beings.  

Meaningful materials for these budding artists

Inspired by their interactions with the trees and the sights and sounds of nature around them, the children put on their creative caps and got to work on some amazing art pieces. 

The art medium used for this inspiring project consisted of cartridge paper in both white and brown hues, along with 0.6 fine art liners. With the support of their educators and teachers, these budding artists channelled their imagination and observations during small group sessions held in the centre's garden. 

The resulting art exhibit is a testament to the remarkable creativity and compassion of the Yarra Yarra children. Each artwork reflects a beautiful tapestry of colours, shapes, and ideas, illustrating the bond these young learners have with the natural world.  

“The display is an ode to the nurturing power of trees, a celebration of the wonders of nature, and a gentle reminder that every individual, no matter how young, can contribute to the well-being of our planet” remarked one of the educators at Erskineville EEC.


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Open to the community!

The teachers, educators and children from the  Yarra Yarra Room at Erskinville EEC extend an invitation to all members of the community to enjoy the talent and passion of their young artists. The exhibit not only showcases their artwork but also serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of fostering an early love and respect for the environment. 


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