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Meet the Educators at Gowrie NSW

October 22, 2021


Gowrie NSW Erskineville Early Education and Care

Meet Dasha , Centre Manager at Gowrie NSW Erskineville. Rachelle , Family Communications Coordinator, Bronwyn, 0 – 3’s Educational Leader and Fenn, who works with the 1-2 year olds.

For us it’s about pausing, slowing down and being in the moment. Enabling our infants to experience what it’s like to be 6 months old, to experience what it’s like being a one-year-old and learning how to walk. They’ve got a safe environment where they can test out the new skills they are developing.” says Bronwyn.

“I like to set up in the sandpit – that’s my favourite area. I play the guitar for the children and we sing together." Penn comments.

Rachelle says “My role is not only with the children but with building the relationship with the families. It’s not only the’s also the grandparents, the aunties, brother sisters…”


Each educator brings something different

"I think we truly believe in each educator bringing something different. We are such a diverse group of individuals, and we like to share our culture."

Mario works with 4-5 year olds at Gowrie Erskineville. Before starting in education, he worked in Nursing, He finished his Bachelor of Nursing last year and has now decided to do his Masters in Early Childhood Education.

Natasha is the Early Childhood teacher in the preschool space. “As I’ve grown as an educator it’s about exposing them to the world they’re going to live in. We start our circle times, which is like a morning meeting, with Acknowledgment of Country. They know that this is Gadigal Land, they respect our land, and they respect that this is where we come to play and learn together to embrace culture. “

“Seeing their eyes light up when you introduce them to something or when you see something spark their curiosity in nature. A bird, a butterfly, a different flower showing up in the environment. That beautiful spark and sparkle that comes into their eyes as they investigate and enquire about their world. It just brightens my soul.”

Our next generation

Rachelle says ‘We’re a very supportive, respectful and diverse inclusive community. We support the families to bring up these children that are going to be our next generation – to feel confident about themselves, to speak up for what they believe in.”

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