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Media matters at Gowrie NSW Malabar Early Education and Care

October 24, 2016


Parents and educators at Gowrie NSW Malabar Early Education and Care focus on why we need to pay attention to the types of media children are exposed to.

Gowrie NSW Malabar Early Education and Care director, Gina Zucco, is celebrating Children’s Week 2016 by bringing families and educators together to consider their responsibility in educating our young children about technology and the media.

“This generation has now grown up with immediate use of technology and access to multi-media. We have a responsibility to educate our children and families and ensure the next generation are safe and confident users of technology,” Ms Zucco said.

“As adults we need to know the best way of using all types of media and the appropriate usage of technology related to the age of the child,” she added.

In discussing the theme of Children’s Week 2016- Article 17: ‘Children have the right to Reliable Information from the Media’- Gowrie NSW Malabar Early Education and Care is talking to the children about the different forms of communication by discussing ideas of where we get news from, how do we find out information and how do we communicate with someone who lives far away.

The educators have also been focusing on how we can access news and information through various types of avenues, including the internet, YouTube and news article online.

“The parents are enjoying hearing stories of investigations done by their child through technology. It is a great change from using technology as merely entertainment,” Ms Zucco said.

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