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Gowrie NSW Mudgee Early Education and Care brings media awareness to the fore

June 22, 2020


With children commonly using computers, smartphones and tablets Gowrie NSW Mudgee Early Education and Care emphasises the need to create healthy habits from a young age when it comes to the media and cyber safety.

“Selecting and monitoring appropriate media for young children is important, as it teaches them from an early age to become critical thinkers about the information they are accessing and where it is coming from,” Mandy Edwards,  director at Gowrie NSW Mudgee Early Education and Care, said.

As this week is Children’s Week the educators have spent time sitting down with the children and brainstorming ideas of what they think reliable information means, what it looks like, as well as what access do they currently have to the media.

“We have had open discussions on what children’s thoughts are on the media in general. In particular we are talking to them about what their favourite TV shows are and and do they watch news broadcasts with their families,” Mrs Edwards said.

“Educators have also asked the children about developing a children’s newsletter and what news they would like to share in it with their parents,” she added.

Cyber safety was also a hot topic at Gowrie NSW Mudgee Early Education and Care this week.

“How to keep children safe online was high on the agenda, with discussions on how adults can promote cyber safety and what families and educators can do if they feel their children are at risk to cyber threats,” Mrs Edwards said.

“It was great to see families, children and educators really engaged with the theme of this year’s Children’s Week – we look forward to continuing these types of discussions on an ongoing basis,” Mrs Edwards said.

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