Introducing Gowrie NSW “Conversation Walks”


Imagine having an hour to yourself dedicated to stretching your mind and body - where you can discover new pathways of understanding and professional insight.
Beginning on Friday 10th March, Gowrie NSW will be launching Conversation Walks. A conversation walk is an opportunity to spend time in a relaxed environment with other walkers discussing the questions that most interest those who work as a leader in education and care.

Guided by your ‘Walk Leader’ the one hour walk through Sydney Park will provide you with time in nature to question, share, listen and learn from the experiences of other early childhood professionals and your walk leader, through a unique small group mentoring opportunity.

“We recognise that leaders are looking for opportunities to spend time investing in themselves and talking with colleagues in similar situations,” Jan Faulkner, Gowrie NSW Manager of Professional Learning and Development, said.

“This is a unique opportunity to gain new types of professional insight.”

Walking groups will consist of the walk leader and a maximum of three other walkers. The walks are open to anybody working management and leadership roles in the education and care sector.

Participants are asked to dress comfortably and bring with them one question they would like to discuss during the walk.

After the walk participants are expected to return to their workplace energised, perhaps with a new perspective to enrich, deepen and challenge their practice leading and working with others.

“By participating in the walk professionals will be stretching and challenging their thinking and have a chance to share and learn from others,” Jan said.

Date: Friday 10 March 2017
Location: Sydney Park (meet in carpark on Barwon Park Road, St Peters)
Time: 7.30am – 8.30am
What to bring and wear: your one question, water, dress comfortably for walking and business cards to network
Cost: $30

For more information or to book visit click here.