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Wollongong workshop: Communicating effectively with culturally diverse families

June 24, 2020


Ever- increasing diversity within the Australian population heightens the need for educators to be aware of the needs and perspectives of families and children from different cultural backgrounds.

It is especially important for education professionals to learn how to effectively communicate with parents from different backgrounds and to gain an understanding of the cultural influences that each child experiences.

Gabrielle Howard, director of Gowrie NSW Illawarra Crèche, will be running a workshop in Wollongong on 10th February called ‘Communicating Effectively with Culturally Diverse Families’.

“It is essential for EC Educators to develop competence in communicating with culturally diverse families,” Gabrielle said.

“Often, EC Educators are the first contact for culturally diverse families, their first relationships in a new country, remember - this is a privilege.”

Gabrielle said communication needs to be individualised for each child and family and communicating effectively is all about making personalised connections, “until these connections are made, communication remains a challenge,” she explained.

The workshop that Gabrielle will be presenting alongside Kath Jackman, whose background spans over 20 years working in the early childhood field, will provide an introduction to the principles in welcoming conversations with culturally and linguistically diverse families.

Practical strategies for sharing information about your setting that create connections with families and develop further understanding of their needs will also be discussed.

“By attending the course you will learn how to question everything and assume nothing, you will develop ideas on how to enhance relationships and in turn enhance effective two way communication with culturally diverse families,” Gabrielle added.

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