St Charles Catholic Primary School (582 Victoria Road Ryde NSW 2112)
Mon-Fri | 7:00am - 6:00pm
School Age (4 - 12 years)

Inclusions :


Why Gowrie NSW Vacation Care?

The daily program at Gowrie NSW Ryde is an action-packed schedule of hands-on creativity, exploration, investigation, and fun! From art & drama to science and sports, music, environmental projects and more.

Our program is built on positive interactions, enriching experiences, and provides a safe, happy and empowering environment. It is guided by ‘My Time, Our Place’, the National Curriculum Framework for School Age Care in Australia and revised each school holiday period - built on children’s interests, their input and developmental age. The program includes a mix of incursions, excursions and in-house activities.


Real social. Not screen social!

Vacation care encourages face to face group activities, like sports and team games. Interacting with other children means that they will develop skills in:

  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Empathy skills
  • Confidence and resilience

Qualified 'fun' Educators

Gowrie NSW Vacation Care programs are delivered by a team of professional educators and support staff, dedicated to providing a high quality fun and engaging program in a nurturing, stimulating and supportive environment. 
Our qualified Vacation Care educators:

  • Encourage children’s curiosity, exploration and problem solving
  • Value and respect children’s ideas and questions
  • Support children to build positive relationships with others
  • Respect the individuality of all children

Casual or full time

Your children don’t need to be students of the school to register for the Gowrie NSW - Ryde Vacation Care Programme.

Bookings can be casual (daily), or span each day of the holiday period.

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The daily activities on offer may change due to NSW Health Advice and Restrictions. Please read email communications from the program to be informed of any updates or changes to the program.

20th September

Disco Party!

Join us as we dance our way into the school holidays! A variety of outdoor and indoor activities will also be provided to cater for all interests!
21st September

Mini Artists! 

The service will transform into an art studio where children will learn a variety of art techniques and engage in ceramic painting
22nd September

Mini Master Chefs Day

Let's cook up a storm and create a delicious masterpiece! 
23rd September

Sensory Day

Smell, touch, taste, feel and see the engaging experiences Gowrie Ryde have planned
24th September

Wellbeing Day

Day filled with yoga, facials, manicures, DIY perfume, DIY Zen gardens, DIY bath bombs and more! It's a day to promote inner peace. 
27th September

Jurassic Park

Create fossils and dig for prehistoric creatures as we investigate the prehistoric era. 
28th September

Springing into Spring!

Let's spring into Spring by planting flowers and vegetables in our beautifully decorated pots
29th September

Comic book Day

Come dressed as your favourite comicbook character. We will be creating our very own comic strips and engage in an inspiring drawing lesson
30th September

Bubble Soccer

Play soccer in an exciting new way! The bubbles are huge and so is the level of fun!
1st October

Wheels Day

Ready, set go for a day of speedy fun. Bring your own bike or scooter, helmet and other safety gear. We'll test our skills as we wizz around the courts.   

Terms & Conditions

  • All booked vacation care sessions must be paid for in advance.
  • Cancellation of any Vacation Care Sessions requires 7 days written notice. In the absence of required notice regular session fees will be charged.
  • A failure to notify fee of $5 is charged to family’s accounts who do not inform the Program Manager that their child will not attend a booked session of care, OR if they arrive late to a booked excursion session.
  • Children must be at the Centre before the scheduled bus departure time on excursion days
  • Programs, incursions and excursions may change to accommodate adverse weather conditions or due to unforeseen circumstances. Parents will be advised of any changes
Our address is 582 Victoria Road Ryde NSW 2111