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    Welcome to Gowrie NSW’s Supplier Compliance Page

    At Gowrie NSW, we value our suppliers and strive to cultivate strong, mutually beneficial partnerships. Our commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices extends to our procurement process, which prioritises transparency, timely payments, and risk mitigation. We understand the importance of protecting both our suppliers and our organization from cyber threats, fraud attempts, and human error. 

    Verification Process with Eftsure

    Our verification process is designed to streamline operations and safeguard against potential risks. Depending on whether your business has been verified by our payment protection partner, Eftsure, you may receive a digital invitation and/or form. Eftsure's platform simplifies verification, minimising the need for ad hoc documentation requests and paperwork. By leveraging Eftsure, we enhance cybersecurity measures, reducing the likelihood of fraud attempts. 

    Gowrie Supplier Process - Verification with Eftsure

    About Eftsure

    Eftsure serves as our trusted B2B payment protection service, aiding in supplier onboarding and risk mitigation. By leveraging Eftsure's alert system, we fortify our defences against fraudsters, ensuring accurate payments to legitimate recipients. Whether the threat originates internally, from a supplier, or from a third party, Eftsure provides an extra layer of security, safeguarding our supplier base and minimizing payment errors. 

    Existing Partners and Eftsure Registration

    Even if you are already partnered with Gowrie NSW, registering with Eftsure may still be necessary to mitigate external cyber threats and payment process errors. Once verified by Eftsure, you will not need to undergo re-verification with other customers using Eftsure's solution. However, other companies may require additional information or documentation. 

    Existing Partners Supplier Process

    Security Measures with Eftsure

    Rest assured, sharing your bank account details with Eftsure is safe. Eftsure adheres to stringent data security protocols, endorsed by industry leaders, and is subject to regular audits and penetration testing by external specialists. 

    Secure Account Verification Process

    To securely share and verify your account details, you will receive a communication containing a registration link. You have two options for confirming bank account details:

    1. Phone Call: A fraud verification analyst will initiate a screening validation process and undertake a two-way account number verification, ensuring accuracy.

    2. Bank Link: Opt for instant verification by logging into your bank account, allowing us to cross-match your details against formal records from the Australian Business Register (ABR). Your credentials remain secure, as Illion, a recognized Australian credit bureau, facilitates this process. 
    Secure Account Verification Process

    What's Next?

    For more information on Eftsure, including frequently asked questions and additional resources, please explore the links below. 

    Thank you for partnering with Gowrie NSW. We look forward to building a strong and secure business relationship with you. 

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