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Kickstarting Your Career: Find Your First Job in Early Education

Embarking on a new career can often feel like setting sail on an open sea - thrilling yet filled with uncertainties. Securing that first position is exciting and daunting for those passionate about early childhood education and seeking to launch their careers.  

At Gowrie NSW, we understand the significance of this process. We are committed to equipping aspiring early childhood educators with guidance and insights to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

Diving Into the World of Early Childhood Education 

Early education is not just a job; it's a calling that requires dedication, patience, and a genuine love for nurturing young minds. As you enter this fulfilling profession, consider the vibrant landscape of opportunities. We are proud to be known for shaping the next generation of educators who hold the key to children's childhoods and society's next generation of custodians. 

Part of our mission is to facilitate your introduction into the field by immersing you in our well-designed Children's Programs that serve as excellent platforms for learning. Experienced educators working alongside you reinforce a quality approach to early learning, sharing practices aligning with our strong early and middle childhood education leadership. 

Our partnership with TAFE NSW's Early Learning Centres via the AMEP allows us to work with children of migrant families studying English at TAFE. This collaboration broadens our early education teams, and our Early Learning Centres are vibrant, wonderful spaces for educators and children. 


Sailing Forward with Confidence 

Beginning your journey into early childhood education with Gowrie NSW means setting sail with a reliable compass. We are committed to nurturing, empowering, and guiding the next generation of educators, ensuring excellent care and creating enriching educational environments for the young minds in our communities. 

To fuel your ambitions, Gowrie NSW provides the essential resources and guidance for every stage of your professional growth. Offering practical job search advice, comprehensive training, and skill recognition, we will be with you throughout your career journey. 

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As you reflect on your path to becoming an early childhood educator, remember that while the journey may seem challenging, it's filled with fun and rewards extending well beyond the classroom.  

At Gowrie NSW, we're not just fostering careers; we're fostering futures - yours and those of the youngest learners eager for your guidance and care.  Your journey starts with a belief in your capacity to make a difference - and we're here to help turn that belief into reality. 

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