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Professional Development in Childcare: Enhancing Your Career and Classroom

The call for educators to remain at the forefront of knowledge and innovation is more pressing than ever. At Gowrie NSW, we believe that professional development isn't just an option—it's essential for those invested in nurturing the minds of our youngest learners and shaping the future of education. 

Ongoing Professional Development: Why It Matters

Early Childhood education is dynamic and ever-evolving. Educators are expected to be committed, lifelong learners who consistently integrate new research and teaching methods that can transform their classrooms in NSW. We see this as an exciting journey rather than a duty. 

Empowering Educators with Cutting-Edge Knowledge

Professional development acts as a bridge connecting educators with the latest findings in childhood education. By engaging with contemporary research through workshops, seminars, and courses, we equip ourselves with the skills and knowledge to deliver quality care and education that resonates with today's diverse learning needs. 

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Opening Doors to New Opportunities

Each stage of professional growth often correlates with new career pathways. Whether advancing to a leadership role or specialising in a certain aspect of early education, Gowrie stands beside you, empowering your journey with opportunities that support your professional aspirations. 

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Fostering a Community of Practice

We're not just individual educators; we're part of a larger community dedicated to early and middle childhood education. By participating in professional development, we solidify our role within this community, exchanging ideas, strategies, and experiences that enrich not just ourselves but also those we collaborate with. 


Unlocking the Full Potential of Our Educators and Students

At Gowrie NSW, we provide accessible professional development through our Education Hub that aligns with the lifestyles of our educators. From offering flexible learning options, free to Gowrie NSW employees, our commitment is to ensure that every educator can thrive. 

We offer Inquiry Visits to external participants, and our educators also share their knowledge through Q&A’s,  presenting Stories of Practise webinars for the Education Hub and at sector conferences. 

We are passionate about the quality of care and education our early childhood and middle school programs deliver. Our own growth as educators in this sector demonstrates the power we hold to inspire, guide, and unlock the potential of young learners. 

A Legacy of Leadership and Partnership

Gowrie's roots stretch back to 1940, when we laid the foundation for a tradition of excellence in early childhood education. Each educator who steps forward to sharpen their skills and deepen their understanding of this ever-important field carries forward this legacy. 

As we look to the future, let us continue to learn, teach, and grow together. For those ready to enhance their career and classroom, Gowrie NSW is here as your partner in professional development. When we invest in our development, we’re not just nurturing our careers; we’re shaping the course of childhood education for generations to come. 

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