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How to ensure a smooth career transition

Taking on a new job role is a time of excitement. A new role often presents great opportunity to take lead and instil positive change within an organisation. At the same time, a change in job role can also be overwhelming and stressful.

To make the process easier many early learning centres are going to great lengths to ensure job transitions during the first few weeks are fun, comfortable and as stress-free as possible.

Joumana Ortiz, director of Happy Little Campers in Five Dock, Sydney, was one of those individuals who upon taking a new role as Nominated Supervisor (NS) was given the opportunity by her employer to gain some extra assistance.

Dora Pappas, owner of Happy Little Campers, came across Gowrie NSW which exhibited all the right resources and training expertise which she believed would help Joumana make a successful transition to Nominated Supervisor.

“Stepping into a new role requires greater responsibility and expectations. Stella Timpano, senior consultant at Gowrie NSW, was able to install her own background knowledge and experience – leaving me with a renewed sense of positivity and motivation,” Joumana said.

Since 2012, a national regulatory system was put in place for education and care services, stating that any preschool or long day care service cannot operate unless it has a Nominated Supervisor appointed by the Approved Provider of the service.

The responsibilities of the Nominated Supervisor are vast, and include but are not limited to the following: Delivery of an appropriate range of educational programs; supervision and safety of children and ensuring they are safe from hazards; supervision of food and beverages, including ensuring safe food handling practices; administration of medication in accordance with National Regulations; ensuring staff levels are maintained in accordance with prescribed ratios and that staff have the required qualifications and so on.

Stella spent time with Joumana going through all the legislative requirements to ensure she left her with a greater understanding of the position.

“Stella followed through on every session, embedding useful information, making sure I understood relevant legislation and regulatory requirements,” Joumana said.

“The mentoring I received from Stella helped me start of my new leadership role on a positive note,” she said, adding “she helped me to become a competent and confident leader.”

Stella, who has almost two decades of experience within the sector, believes good guidance is fundamental to beginning any new job role.

“It is not unknown that with any new job role comes a new set of issues and demands that an individual will need to understand in order to perform the job to the best of his or her ability,” Stella said.

“It is my job to be able to go in a centre and assist educators with the transition process – to be able to help people move forward in a new role successfully and help them flourish is what I love doing,” Stella said.

Joumana said she would definitely seek Stella out for further training in the future. “She is very well aware of what is happening in the early childhood industry and is amazingly positive and giving,” Joumana said.

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