Numeracy and Literacy with Susan Yabsley

Join Susan Yabsley for two workshops focusing on Literacy and Numeracy in an Early Childhood setting. Explore how you can implement intentional numeracy outdoors and discover what is quality literature in early education.   Literacy and Quality Literature We are all part of Early Childhood Education with the same goals for children that they have [...]

RIE® Foundations™ Course

This ten-day* intensive course is for students, parents (including expectant), and professionals who want to develop and deepen their understanding of infant development and care. Course content includes an overview of Magda Gerber’s Educaring® Approach - gross motor, fine motor and social-emotional development of the infant - designing the environment - planning the curriculum - issues [...]

Dust off your QIP

‘Continuous improvement’ is a key requirement of the National Quality Framework that ensures services are focused on best practice that is monitored and maintained. This interactive session will discuss the importance of maintaining a Quality Improvement Plan and provide practical strategies to unpack each component of the QIP.

STEM – Optics

Equip yourself with knowledge and skills required to integrate playful and inquiry-based STEM exploration in children’s daily educational activities.

Engaging with Families

Build strong connections with families at all stages of their early education journey and leverage these relationships to improve practice and nurture children’s sense of belonging.