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12 Essential Topics

Children Learning Through Art

Be inspired with practical ideas in this Gowrie NSW Education Hub ‘how to’ tutorial. With a focus on creative projects using sustainable materials and found objects and taking the classics to a new level. See your creative art space in a new light.

Children Learning Through Music

Did you know there is a friendship between music and maths? Bring the joy of music into your centre through this practical Gowrie NSW Education Hub Tutorial on Demand. Fill your tool kit with new ideas and enhance your understanding of how numeracy and music sing together.


Explore different forms of communication including ‘What to say, When to say it and How to say it’ in a range of situations and gain effective techniques in this Tutorial on Demand with Suzi Scott. Communication can make or break a situation.

Critical Reflection

A key strategy in building ‘A lively culture of professional inquiry’ is through critical reflection. This Gowrie NSW Education Hub tutorial equips you with effective tools and techniques for critical reflection. Essential for your learning journey as a professional educator.


Support children’s life-long learning through this tutorial with fun, practical and inspiring tools to nurture children’s imagination and creative expression. It builds resilience, self-awareness and social belonging. During this ‘how to’ Gowrie NSW Education Hub tutorial explore ways to play with Drama in your Early Education and Care Centre.

Educational Leaders

Explores the role of the Educational Leader with two 40 minute Tutorials on Demand and learn how to build a community of reflective practitioners and strategies for maintaining momentum. Gain leadership skills for use within your program and lead a team of educators who will be inspired in their work with young children.

Engaging with Non-English Speaking Children

Be somebody who makes every child feel like they belong. Tune in to this Gowrie NSW Education Hub Tutorial on Demand and learn about what helps a child feel included and valued. Discover the benefits of survival words and visuals to open up a child’s world and take away practical tips to ensure each child feels included in your program.


Learn about the benefits of physical environments that say ‘yes’ to children during this Gowrie NSW Education Hub Tutorial. These spaces contribute to children’s wellbeing, creativity and developing independence. The tutorial reflects the latest research:

  • Setting up environments where children can roll, climb, swing and experience the feeling of nature under their feet
  • Open-ended materials to encourage collaboration, physical development and imagination
  • Empowering children to manage risk and understand safety

How to Play

Discover how play develops across age groups and how the environment and resources could help or hinder children’s learning.

Primary Care Giving Groups

Expand your knowledge on the importance of implementing primary caregiver groups with this Gowrie NSW Education Hub Tutorial on Demand. Be introduced to the theory behind primary care giving and the impact it can have on families, educators and children’s overall development.


What does it mean when children complete tasks again, again and again? Learn how schemas contribute to children’s learning. The development of schemas can be observed in young children and is a source of interest and investigation for educators. This Gowrie NSW Education Hub tutorial will uncover the theory of schemas, noticing schemas during play as well as exploring the concept of “Flow” as a reference for reflection.


Make a difference in the world by embedding sustainable practices into your centre. Learn innovative approaches for being responsible and respecting the environment in our Gowrie NSW Education Hub tutorial. Partner with children, families and communities and cceate a positive impact.