A series of 5 live webinars (1hr each) for educators working in OSHC. Register for the complete series or register for individual sessions of your choice. 


Session 1:  

My Time, Our Place – An Introduction to the Pedagogy and Principles Underlying the Framework  


Session 2

Exploring Children’s Development in Middle Childhood 


Session 3:  

Can the Physical Environment be the Third Educator? 


Session 4: 

Learning Experiences – Authentic Moments of Discovery through Play 


Session 5

Learning Experiences – The Educator as a Partner in Learning Discovery  


About your presenter: Jessica Horne-Kennedy

Jessica has a particular interest in the theories and philosophy of relationships in early childhood environments. This interest formed the basis of her Masters in Education thesis and explored how the beliefs held by Rudolf Steiner early childhood educators influenced their practices of forming relationships with children in their first year of attending preschool. Prior to working in early childhood, Jessica trained and practiced as a visual artist and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Otago Art School in New Zealand.

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