Online Learning Community Series 

Working in OSHC brings its own unique joys and challenges. This online learning community includes a series of 5 webinars, each with its own theme and focus as well as sustained themes and learning throughout. The OSHC Online Learning Community series provides a place for educators and leaders working in OSHC to come together and form connections and share learning and ideas all without the limitations that come with time and physical location.

This learning community is an exclusive place for reviewing the frameworks within which we work and lifting our ideas beyond that foundation to theories and approaches that are currently being played with within early and middle education.

Each online session will take the form of a live webinar with opportunity for questions and feedback to be share throughout the sessions. By being part of this community, participants will also have access to an exclusive online learning community where participants will have the ability to communicate with each other to discuss and share their learning journey with other participants.

All sessions run from 10.00am to 11.00am on each of the dates listed below.

About your presenter: Lisa Wilson

Lisa brings the knowledge and skills from over 25 years of experience within education and care. After working in all types of care, Lisa supported services in the implementation of Quality Assurance for the National Childcare Accreditation Council and trained and managed their Validators. Her passions include environmental education and sustainability, practical programming, supporting children’s behaviour and mentoring services

Live Sessions:

Session 1: Thursday 27th February

My Time, Our Place – An Introduction to the Pedagogy and Principles Underlying the Framework

Session 4: Thursday 27th August

Learning Experiences – Authentic Moments of Discovery through Play

Session 2: Thursday 30th April

Exploring Children’s Development in Middle Childhood

Session 5: Thursday 29th October

Learning Experiences – The Educator as a Partner in Learning Discovery

Session 3: Thursday 25th June 10-11am

Can the Physical Environment be the Third Educator?

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