Jessica Horne-Kennedy

Session One – Concepts of Collaboration

During this webinar, the concept of a ‘professional learning community’ will be explored using the idea ‘co-construction’.  Participants will this concept means for their specific concept and reflect on the role of each individual within their team.

Session Two – Concepts of Leadership in Outside School Hours Care

This webinar will explore the role of the Educational Leader in the OSHC service and consider how a ‘distributed leadership’ model would look in practice.

A distributed leadership model draws on each team member’s strengths to support contribution and collaboration. By exploring values of care, trust and gratitude through the concept of ‘bucket filling’  the group will see how they can support enthusiasm in their team.  Those in leadership positions will access tools to use to keep this enthusiasm flowing in the teams’ work practices.

Session Three – Exploring the Notion of a Shared Vision

A vision is the ‘glue’ that holds a team together. This webinar will provide educators with knowledge to support their team to explore shared aspirations for the children that they work with.


In addition to the live interactive webinars, members of this community will have access to an exclusive forum for the duration of the year. The forum will support networking and provide a place to share ideas and learning.

About your facilitator: Jessica Horne-Kennedy

Jessica has a particular interest in the theories and philosophy of relationships in early childhood environments. This interest formed the basis of her Masters in Education thesis and explored how the beliefs held by Rudolf Steiner early childhood educators influenced their practices of forming relationships with children in their first year of attending preschool. Prior to working in early childhood, Jessica trained and practiced as a visual artist and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Otago Art School in New Zealand.

Live Sessions:

Session 1: Thursday 7th May 2020

Concepts of Collaboration

Session 2: Thursday 30th July 2020

Concepts of Leadership in Outside School Hours Care

Session 3: Thursday 24th September 2020

Exploring the Notion of a Shared Vision