We are all part of Early Childhood Education with the same goals for children that they have a life-long love of learning, a clear sense of self, and social competencies that allow them to be successful citizens both for now and in their future.

Children’s literature can provide the opportunity to explore the world beyond their own experience, to imagine what it is to be someone different to themselves or to understand that we can share the same ideas, thoughts and feelings. Over these 2 workshops you will presented with skills and strategies that can be used when reading books to children.

You will be given ways to build children’s comprehension of their world and how you can include it into your everyday practice. Opportunity will be given for you to have a go back in your setting then come together again to share and build on your experiences.  

Susan Yabsley

About your presenter: Susan Yabsley

Susan Yabsley is an early childhood specialist with over 20 years’ experience in the education of younger children. Susan has particular expertise in providing professional learning focused on early literacy and numeracy to both early learning educators and school teachers. As a professional learning specialist with the NSW Department of Education and now as an Early Childhood Consultant, she has provided engaging and challenging programs in early literacy and numeracy for many teachers in a variety of settings. This professional learning, based on personal experience and current research is aligned with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, providing opportunities to achieve and maintain proficient teacher accreditation. Susan’s solid understanding of the challenges that early childhood educators are facing, together with her engaging communication style, allows her to work effectively with educators to provide a quality learning experience for children.