Are you inspired by the possibilities that come with engaging with new ideas? Are you interested in being part of a learning community that lifts you out of the foundational frameworks that we work with and gives you the space and the opportunity to turn your thinking to the gritty ideas, theories and approaches that are currently being played within early childhood education?

Over 6 live sessions, across 7 months we will journey together as we celebrate the joys and the complexity that early childhood education has to offer us as teachers. Supporting sustained learning and your development as an intelligent educator who brings a critical thinking to your work with young children, each session will be shaped around the relationship of theory in practice. You will make meaningful connections with practice through the insights that you make and the opportunity to engage in a dynamic discussion with like-minded colleagues.

In addition to the online sessions, you will have ongoing access to an online discussion board to keep connected with your colleagues in between sessions. With the purpose of being the lynchpin of our discussions, we will be drawing upon a range of resources, and from time to time, there will also be a small amount of reading associated with sessions (such as an excerpt or quote).

Community members will be provided with suggested reading and resource lists post sessions, along with a journal to document their ideas and reflective thinking. Let 2020 be the year that you reignite your simmering interest in the gritty ideas and reflect on the true complexity of our work with young children.


Live sessions run from 6.00pm to 7.00pm on each of the dates listed below.

About your presenter: Suallyn Mitchelmore

Suallyn is an energetic educator who has a strong belief in the essential place of high quality early learning in the lives of young children. Reflected in her unwavering professionalism and genuine commitment to doing a job very well, Suallyn values the warmth and joy of an inclusive learning community.

Live Sessions:

Session 1: Tuesday the 10th of March

Session 4: Tuesday the 9th of June

Session 2: Tuesday the 14th of April

Session 5: Tuesday the 11th of August

Session 3: Tuesday the 12th of May

Session 6: Tuesday the 8th of September

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