A 3-hour hands-on practical children’s yoga workshop aimed at early childhood educators teaching children aged 3 –5 years. This workshop will be  fun, hands-on and energising. Participants will learn what yoga is and how to bring it to children with fun games, songs, stories and props. This is a physical workshop where participants will do and experience yoga you can use with children. Educators will learn an array of different yoga poses and games, how to start, end and structure an entire kids’ yoga class, experience and learn about the benefits of yoga and end with relaxation techniques that can be used at any time of the teaching  day. A great workshop for adding to the educator’s tool kit of resources for calming and engaging children.


About your presenter: Radha Babicci

Radha combines more than 10 years’ experience working with children as a Teacher and Centre Director, with her qualifications as a yoga instructor for both adults and children. Throughout her career, Radha has advocated for the importance of supporting children’s social and emotional development, for their success at school and overall wellbeing. In 2016, Radha was awarded the National Excellence in Teaching Award, for her efforts in creating a mindfulness and yoga program at Emmerick Street Preschool, where she was Teaching-Director for 5 years.