Join Elena Marouchos for this special series of three workshops focused on infant and toddler pedagogy.

Primary Educator Relationships – a bridge to other relationships :  What does Primary Caregiving mean?  Why is it important?  What might it look like in a group care setting and how to foster secure and healthy attachment relationships.  In this workshop we explore the dance between the key educator and secondary educator relationships.  How this might look like for children and what support structures might exist to promote the physical and emotional well-being of adults and children alike.

Revisiting Caregiving as Pleasurable moments: If the heart of the the Educaring® Approach is relationships, caregiving moments can be seen as the vehicle to fostering secure, healthy attachment relationships with children.  This workshop explores a framework of care used at The Learning Centre with particular reference to mealtimes and nappy changes with a view to elevating practice.

Physical Environments that support uninterrupted play:What do environments that support free and uninterrupted play look like and how do we facilitate them in a group care context.  How do they support infant toddler inquiry and what is the role of the adult.  We also look at some of the some of the challenges and how we can best work around some of the constraints within our /your centres.


About your presenter: Elena Marouchos

Elena is a Mentor Teacher at The Learning Centre, in Auckland, New Zealand. She is passionate about following a curriculum of care for infants and toddlers and exploring ways of integrating these approaches within a group care setting.

Elena completed the RIE® Foundations: Theory and Observation™ course in 2011 and has attended a summer course at the Pikler Institute in Hungary. She has recently completed her RIE Internship™ under the mentor-ship of Polly Elam.  In addition to being a RIE® Associate, Elena is also a board member of the New Zealand Infant Toddler Consortium (NZITC).