Learning circles are an opportunity for Educational Leaders to form professional connections to explore what it means to lead the pedagogy and practice within a service.  Over six online sessions, participants will be provided with provocations in the form of research and literature to explore what it means to translate theory into practice.

Respecting your professional insights, these learning circles centre on engaging in professional conversations, and each session will build on and be connected to the last. The sessions provide a unique space to engage in sustained shared thinking and reflection. In addition to the online sessions, you will have ongoing access to an online discussion board to keep connected with your colleagues in between sessions.

Sessions run from 10.00am to 11.00am on each of the dates listed below.

Jessica Horne-Kennedy

About your facilitator: Jessica Horne-Kennedy

Jessica has a particular interest in the theories and philosophy of relationships in early childhood environments. This interest formed the basis of her Masters in Education thesis and explored how the beliefs held by Rudolf Steiner early childhood educators influenced their practices of forming relationships with children in their first year of attending preschool. Prior to working in early childhood, Jessica trained and practiced as a visual artist and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Otago Art School in New Zealand.

Live Sessions:

Session 1: Wednesday the 6th May

Session 2: Wednesday the 3rd June

Session 3: Wednesday the 1st July

Session 4: Wednesday the 5th August

Session 5: Wednesday the 2nd September

Session 6: Wednesday the 7th October