This introduction to Eco Smart supports early childhood and outside school hours care educators to create a philosophy that instills values for a sustainable world. Supported by the development of an Eco Team to lead the change the service can review all 7 indicators of the National Quality Standards with a sustainability lens as participants explore how sustainable strategies can become an embedded practice. The participants will identify a project to implement in their service.

A 1 hr online session after the training at a time to be agreed to with participants is on offer. This will provide you with an opportunity to share experiences, resources including a question and answer session.

About your presenter: Julie Gaul

Julie Gaul is a pioneer of the NSW Early Childhood Environmental Education Network and works as the Projects Manager and Convenor.

Julie holds a range of qualifications within education, sustainability and horticulture and brings a passion to her work based on a wealth of experiences. Through her role in ECEEN Julie works to spark change in our communities so they are places that are fair, equitable and value the Earth and all its life and resources for future generations.