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We all value the opportunity to connect with other educators, to have the chance to share ideas, enrich thinking and bring a renewed sense of vibrancy to our programs. Do You See What I See? is about connecting teachers in an online learning community and building a strong professional network to exchange ideas.

Over 6 live sessions, across 7 months we will journey together as we investigate the relationship between the “thinking child” and the “thinking teacher”. Beginning with the idea of “noticing”, these sessions are highly practical and will call you to draw upon your everyday design with young children. Each session will be shaped around a big idea, preparation will simply involve sharing an image via the online learning platform with the group that speaks to this idea for you.

Respecting your professional insights, these learning circles center on engaging in professional conversations, and each session will build on and be connected to the last. Involvement in the Do You See What I See? learning community will strengthen your teaching as you bring your own language, creativity and insights to this experience. Members of this community will be provided with a journal to reflect, jot down ideas and document their shared journey. Genuine relationships and real connections are central to this learning community, and for that reason members will have access to an forum exclusively for the use of this community; in addition opportunity will be made available to have 1:1 follow-up conversations with the facilitator throughout this sustained learning program.


Live sessions run from 6.00pm-7.00pm

About your presenter: Suallyn Mitchelmore

Suallyn is an energetic educator who has a strong belief in the essential place of high quality early learning in the lives of young children. Reflected in her unwavering professionalism and genuine commitment to doing a job very well, Suallyn values the warmth and joy of an inclusive learning community.

Live Sessions:

Session 1: Tuesday the 3rd of March

Session 2: Tuesday the 7th of April

Session 3: Tuesday the 5th of May

Session 4: Tuesday the 2nd of June

Session 5: Tuesday the 4th of August

Session 6: Tuesday the 1st of September

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