3 Part Webinar Series

The child exposed to adversity, abuse and neglect is forever altered. Developmental trauma has far reaching impacts that need to be understood if we are to help them cope, recover and learn. There is burgeoning research on the high prevalence of such incidences amongst children, and the need for a trauma informed approach to behaviour management and instructional practices to support these children.

Dr. Kay Ayre and Dr. Govind Krishnamoorthy present three online workshops on the emerging understanding of the impact of adverse childhood events on children and its impact on neurological development and social-emotional development. The workshops will highlight practical frameworks and strategies from the Trauma Informed Positive Behaviour Support (TIPBS) program.

Live Sessions

Session One: Monday, 6th April 2020

Developmental trauma and the brain: Epidemiological data and neurological impacts.

Session Two: Monday, 4th May 2020

Disrupted attachment and learning: The impact of developmental trauma on social skills and relationships

Session Three: Monday, 18th May 2020

Trauma informed behaviour support: The ‘what’ and the ‘how’

Please note: This is a series with one registration for all three webinars. Each webinar must be attended by the same person.

About your presenters: Dr Kay Ayre and Dr. Govind Krishnamoorthy

Dr. Kay Ayre

Dr Kay Ayre EdD is a lecturer in Early Childhood Studies in the School of Education at Edith Cowan University Western Australia. Kay worked for the Queensland Department of Education for thirty-two years as a classroom teacher in the early years, a deputy principal Early Years, an advisory visiting teacher in behaviour and a behaviour team leader. She has worked extensively with disengaged and disruptive children, their teachers and schools. Kay has a passion for helping build the capacity of teachers to develop and maintain positive, inclusive classrooms with a focus on supporting children affected by trauma who demonstrate serious, disruptive behaviour. Her research and her teaching focus on challenging behaviour of children including those impacted by trauma, trauma-informed positive behaviour support, functional behaviour assessment and childhood wellbeing and resilience.

Dr. Govind Krishnamoorthy

Dr. Govind Krishnamoorthy PhD is a clinical psychologist and lecturer in the School of Psychology and Counselling at the University of Southern Queensland. Govind has worked for over a decade in both public and private sectors offering child and adolescent mental health services. As a co-developer of the Trauma Informed Positive Behaviour Support (TIPBS) program, Govind research and clinical experience has focused on addressing the social emotional needs of children and adolescence impacted by abuse and neglect in the educational contexts.