Infant & Toddler Motor Development

Explore how the environment and the role of the teacher can hinder or support motor development and how the RIE® Principles fosters social emotional skills like cooperation and self-confidence.

Developmental Trauma and the Brain

A series of three online workshops on the emerging understanding of the impact of adverse childhood events on children and its impact on neurological development and social-emotional development.

Primary Educator Relationships

Develop an understanding of the importance of Primary Educator Relationships for children and families and an appreciation of how practicing primary educator relationship can positively impact on the role of the educator.

Intentional Numeracy Outside

Why just leave intentional teaching to inside! Children spend many hours each day outside and these 2 workshops will build your understandings of early numeracy concepts that can be used during outside play.

Literacy and Quality Literature

Join Susan Yabsley for two workshops focusing on Literacy and Numeracy in an Early Childhood setting. Explore how you can implement intentional numeracy outdoors and discover what is quality literature in early education.

Art of Photography with Jacqui Bolt

In these workshops,  we will examine the way in which photos are taken in an early childhood setting and the impact of photography in practice. Additionally, we will explore the way in which art can be used as a language of readable lines, shapes and forms.

OSHC Series

A series of 5 live webinars (1hr each) for educators working in OSHC. Register for the complete series or register for individual sessions of your choice.