About Gowrie NSW

Over the past 75 years Gowrie NSW has greatly contributed to the richness of early and middle childhood across NSW. With a focus on research and contemporary pedagogical methodology, Gowrie NSW has been at the forefront of providing support for children and families through inclusive practice.

Throughout our history, Gowrie NSW has demonstrated a strong leadership commitment to working in partnership across generations to provide a range of programs and resources that support children, families and education professionals.

Gowrie NSW has a progressive culture for providing a considered, respectful, values-based approach across all our undertakings. At Gowrie NSW we regard ourselves as a surplus for purpose social enterprise. Looking to the future, continued growth will ensure Gowrie NSW remains responsive and adaptive in an ever changing landscape to be significant and sustainable into the future.

About Gowrie NSW

Strategic Intent

  • Greater reach with greater impact
  • Position Gowrie NSW to be a leading brand
  • Enhance systems and controls to drive operational excellence
  • Provide for the next 75 years through organisational cultural excellence

Gowrie NSW Strategic Intent 2017-2020

RAP- Reconciliation Action Plan

Gowrie NSW is strongly committed to reconciliation and recognises the special place that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people hold within Australia and acknowledges that they are the first people of the land we share today.

Gowrie NSW is committed to working collaboratively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through authentic and meaningful dialogue and through building stronger partnerships based on mutual trust and respect.

Gowrie NSW is committed to bringing about positive social change and working towards a better Australia through our relationships that we build with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and by having an awareness and understanding of better outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Gowrie NSW has a proud history of social responsibility and social inclusion over its 75 plus years and Gowrie NSW will continue building on this rich history by being a leader in Children’s Services early and middle childhood programs and championing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and diversity.

Reconciliation Action Plan- 2017-2018

Annual Report

Gowrie NSW Annual Reports provide details of the operations and performance of our organisation. The Reports are made publicly available following the Gowrie NSW Board’s Annual General Meeting held each November.

2016 - 2017 Annual Report

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