About Early Education and Care

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About Early Education and Care
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    At Gowrie NSW, we encourage your child’s natural curiosity, exploration and problem solving in our quality early education and care centres, childcare centres and preschools. Our world-classs educators and staff value and respect your child’s ideas, and support them to build positive relationships with others.

    Our Early Education and Care childcare and preschool programs are built on positive interactions, enriching experiences and providing a safe, happy and empowering environment.

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    What you can expect

    Your child will be suprevised by dedicated, qualified teachers and educators who encourage, guide and nurture your child, helping them to develop into flourishing learners and contributors. Our educators provide authentic, play-based educational and developmental learning experiences for your child.

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    primary educator relationships

    Our dedicated and passionate educators implement a high-quality educational experience in a nurturing, stimulating and supportive environment. 

    Gowrie NSW teachers and educators allocate one staff member who will be your child’s primary educator to work closely with you and nurture your child through the first three years of life.  Your child's primary educator will be highly attuned to their routines, rhythms and unique cues

    'Children have great relationships with the staff. They love the outdoor spaces. They don't want to go home each day'


    Gowrie NSW programs have a strong philsophical foundation. While each centre's philosophy reflects its unique context, there are underpinning beliefs that educators draw on to reflect the regional, rural or urban community and service type in which they work.  


    keeping you connected

    We use Storypark to share updates in real time about what your child is doing and learning throughout the day. We want you to be as much a part of the experience as your child, we also don’t want you to miss a second of the memories they’re creating with us at Gowrie NSW.



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